Super Mario 3D World + Bowsers Fury

How do you start a game that you haven’t ever been inside of the ‘world’ before? What does that have to do with navigational skills?

When there are roads or pathways in front of us its easier to walk straight down them or along them because they are visible. What happens when the pathway in front of us isn’t visible. The characters in games can walk smoothly, they can jump over things that in real life people would struggle with and they simply get re-generated when they die to start the pathway again. So when a mistake is made there is no measurement of the injury or damage being done, only the fact that what you attempted to do didn’t work and you need to just start it up again. One of the only measurements in gaming is how much time it takes you, that other than clearing a level, getting coins can be one of the only measurements to provide to others in how long something took you to achieve it.

This game is NOT recommended for individuals starting to learn gaming or those who experience difficulties.