Holidays – types of activities

How much do favourite interests place a demand on what type of holidays you take? Or is it so that you can sit still and rest from your normal routine? Is that a holiday or is that being able to sit down uninterrupted for longer periods of time and being outside and not needing to do housework, not needing to do cooking. So is that a holiday from your normal activities of daily living?

What are your personal interests? What types of things do you like to observe, to learn, to experience, to explore, to engage with?

How many options do you have for the ‘types’ of holidays that you can go on? Is it financially that stops you or is it lack of appropriate venues to support your family?

For families with individuals who are highly distressed about the visible lack of social distancing and non face mask wearing in some places, consider holidays to places where there are generally more people who follow those types of rules.

Consider how much time you will plan to be away for. What is open at the time that you will be in that specific location. Being as a group participating in special activities can be overwhelming, even if the place or the people are known to you. Document your ideas beforehand.