Inability to deal with challenges

Being offered support and not accepting that support can have a significant impact on an individuals attention when things are time limited. Most tasks have inherent within them time demands which require things to be completed either in the most efficient manor or in the quickest time frame. Being able to complete the set steps before being asked or being ‘forced’ to move on because of the continuous flow of time can be immediately overwhelming for some or they can be overwhelmed in advance because this is the pattern of how they respond historically.

Some challenges are really easy to deal with when you ‘work’ in negotiation with a partner to solve an issue that you are both experiencing. Even over long distances partnerships can be visible and work well when the goals are the same. The same concept as throwing a ball over a long distance, passing information on to others on the other side of the room can assist with independence. The outcomes for one can be the outcomes for the others when working together in this way. (Ee)