Being a helper

Working with someone.

Communicating with someone.

Helping someone.

Guiding someone.

Supporting someone.

Demonstrating for someone. Demonstrating to someone.

Explaining to someone.

Directing someone.

There are significantly more verbs to describe the actions of being a helper. Yet which is the correct one? None. Each second of each task we shift in between the verbs when helping. Helping is task dependent. The task is environment dependent. Being a helper requires knowledge of the tasks, of the environment so that you can work out which actions are the right ones to use to help the individual that you are working with. That is then also a difference. Working with vs helping. Is your role that of a paid worker or of a family member? Is your role that of a parent or that of a grandparent? Each then has its own guidance as to how much help you can or will or should give. Do grandparents do more of the tasks because they like taking care of their grandkids? Do parents ask more of their kids because they need them to be independent? Do grandparents have more time than parents to help? How is this different with different roles of those who help? Individuals with chronic conditions have a lot of helpers around them. Some paid. Some not paid. All trying to help.