Communication and Social Interaction

How many people do you spend time with each day? How long have you had relationships with them for? Do they see you only in that location or are they with you in other places as well? What types of activities do you do with them? Do they see all of the skills that you have or are they only seeing some of the things you can do? Are they the good things or are they the things that you don’t like about yourself or that you struggle with?

Decisions get made quickly in some case yet in others they take a long time to work out how to work through it. Working with individuals for decades or working with the same types of activities for decades can lead to a different understanding of the types of communication opportunities that can present themselves simply because of exposure to others who communicate differently or enough time over the years to analyse the task differently and having had permission to try new things. Support for personal expression is embedded in our choices about the activities that we do each day. It is in the choice of where we stand and for how long near someone. It is in the choice of where we stand and for how long we stand when we also don’t want to be near someone. How many times does someone communicate no before they decide to leave. And not come back. How many different ways are there to communicate no?