Damage to devices

How you position the device? How angry you are when interacting with the device AND more importantly with the software that is installed on it. How many iPads have you gone through?

Thrown over balconies. Drenched in the toilet. Into the swimming pool. Mine looked like this. Yet mine sustained years and years of being pounded on through hard pressure of kids who couldn’t control their pressure through their bodies. What part of the disability industry do you work in? What types of other devices and adaptive controllers do you work with? These all have an impact in terms of what possible damage could and is being done.


So what is reasonable and necessary? Versus what is a system that doesn’t have the words to describe beyond a Sensory Profile etc about what regulatory issues are and why iPads are essential for some individuals. Who needs the iPad? The individual or their family? I’m an OT. Thats simply a matter of then assessing the environment, oh look I already did that to start with, so when I am asking for a reasonable and necessary support, it IS actually reasonable AND necessary. Its just that…. Who’s qualified to do the assessment?

Did you write down all of the clinical reasoning information about why something is recommended and required. Or was it just listed as ‘needs an iPad’… Part of the requirements for the NDIS is that we as therapists demonstrate exactly why something is necessary. Yet how many iPads have gone through to the tribunal stage? Or is it because of the cost parents just get forced to buy it ‘again’ themselves.

When do we get to the point where we don’t let things get damaged and change the structure of what we are doing in the first place? We are building homes with reinforced walls so that individuals don’t express anger or self harm by damaging the walls. We need to fix it from the start not just build stronger walls or surfaces. The trick or complexity comes from knowing when and how to focus in on what…