Exploring versus look here

Am I free to look where I want or am I stopped in my tracks and told or forced to pay attention to something? Is that a reflection of how obvious something is in comparison to other things around it or is it something where there is a dead end in the pathway and I am not allowed to go any farther until I deal with it? e.g. something won’t fit together in a toy that stops me from moving on to the next steps, so that if I don’t work out how to do something then I have to put it away and stop playing with it.

Do you recognise this book? There are a variety of them. What happens if I try to draw the duck based on the sequence of body parts listed in the order that the book presents them? Can I draw a duck? Am I struggling with the proportions? Or is it just the wrong way to draw a duck? Are you an illustrator or have you learnt to draw based on a rote learnt list of steps? Why? Is it easier to draw some objects when you start at a predetermined place and move through that sequence. Do you draw a house starting with the roof? Why not?

There is a polar bear. There is a brown bear. There is a black bear. There is a yellow bear. Why did I not call it a white bear, because it IS white. Should I have called the brown bear a grizzly bear then? Does the yellow bear represent a particular toy that I don’t know of that is popular and I’m simply not up to date with the newest children’s toys?

Because I can see the numbers, then this IS a number puzzle. So I ONLY build it by looking for the pieces in the correct order. I search for number one, then I search for number two. That WILL help me do this ‘correctly’. Yet. What happens if I am not allowed to do it this way. What happens if I don’t know my numbers yet. Could I put this puzzle together using the borders, so could I find part of the barn in the top left hand corner first by matching the colours? Could I see that possibly all of the horses should all go together because this IS a grouping puzzle and oh, now I can see the corner, and I CAN tell that the horses should be standing upright, so that means that this group of puzzle pieces should go in the top right hand corner? Did I know that puzzles shaped with that edge and that direction of edges / lines together makes a corner? Did someone tell me that? Did I work it out myself? This puzzle can be completed or put together in many different ways, there is NO RIGHT ANSWER on how to put it together, but there is a CORRECT FINISHED PRODUCT. Separate out the actions, separate out the objects and the sequences of what someone is trying to do or has been attempting to do or has achieved is VERY VISIBLE.