Where do you start? Nope. You start with the whole thing.



How do I make a character? How do I represent each body part as a square and THEN link all of those squares together in the right proportions to make it look like the real thing?

It doesn’t stop there. Otherwise you made a stationary character. Each ‘joint’ needs to be able to move. Why? Because this IS an interactive game. The characters are ABLE to move more freely when you give them body parts that have joints in them OR when you know how to position them differently so that they are able to interact with the environment or with each other.

Can you make these?


Why not? Is this a hard skill to do? Surely its only a game, so its only play skills, it doesn’t really mean anything, its not a big deal to be able to do these things.

Can you predict in advance that this would be hard for you to do? As an OT, I can.

Being able to bridge these types of gaps is something that OT’s are taught how to do, actively taught how to break down the analysis required. Its just that it is an extraordinary amount of work when you are required to do it over a lot of tasks and for complex health conditions.  But there are sources of help: This game does NOT provide the answers. But it does provide an already large group of objects that have been broken down into their shapes, directional positioning etc so that anyone can have a go at making these particular shapes in pixel form.

This means that for me as an OT my job is far faster because I don’t have to sit down and work out this from the start. Someone else has already done the work for me for that part of the analysis. So I can more quicker, I can jump from A-Z far faster. There are a range of toys in the environment which allow you to do this. You just need to know to look for them. Sometimes they are extremely obvious and other times they are hidden in places that you would never expect to find them. At other times they seem to be so personally linked with exactly what you needed to find at that exact time because they just fit perfectly with what you make or how you work in the first place.


Airfix toys found in a Hobby shop.