Same but different

How much do you remember about maths or science? Or was it something that you could already tell before you got to school?

Do you know how to draw each of the above? Are they easy for you or hard?

Are you imitating me? Are you copying me? Or did you already know how to do it in ‘this’ exact same way BEFORE ‘I’ told you how to do it?

Do you know how to build this? Have a look in your container of Duplo. Do you have enough pieces of these exact same colours to build it? or do you have to collect them?

Do you know where to start building the house? Do you start at the top or do ‘you’ start at the bottom? There are no instructions on this to show you where to start on purpose. The sequence of instructions was built into the entire set of worksheets. Your attention was guided from start to finish so that you knew what to pay attention to. The idea was with this type of design is that YOU needed to work it out yourself where YOU should start, rather than someone telling you all the time what to do. For ‘your’ hands, do you start at the top or the bottom? If you have small hands or hands which don’t hold things well the roof will be a challenge but building the three columns of 3 blue blocks to make the walls will be easier, as its just straight up and down.