I don’t know what I want

I am distressed and I am overwhelmed and I don’t have the ability to talk about what I want or what I don’t want. But. You. You just fix it. ….I’m getting more distressed because you haven’t fixed it. But I told you what I need. I told you what I want.

Did I?

Did you notice when I communicated it to you? Was it today? Or have I told you this before and you’re not remembering?


I might have a body that doesn’t communicate well, my gestures might not be ‘so loud’ that you can see them easy, they might not be as emphatic as I could so you don’t get the intensity of what I am trying to let you know. So I walk away. Or do I stay because I really do want this.

The fact that I am still here having a conversation means that I still want it, want to fix it and want to work with you. If I don’t come back or can’t see that you are attempting to fix things for me then I can see that you didn’t understand. I might not know that you don’t actually know how to fix this, or these types of things. I might not actually know that you haven’t linked that I don’t know what I want because I am distressed. Because as far as I am concerned I ‘am’ communicating. Its ‘your fault’. You aren’t listening.

Knowledge of the concept of Absolute versus Relative Processing helps significantly in understanding whether there is a 100% accurate answer or whether the answer is relative to what is happening around you and needs more layers of an answer.