Time use over the day

How long can you spend at the place that you want to go to? Does the beach get too hot? Can you only go later in the afternoon when the temperature goes down? What does that mean for your extended family?  Are you actually able to spend the day at the beach? Who gets to stay home? or does no one go?

In the place that you live what physical resources are around you? How long does it take to get there? If you lived somewhere else would it make it easier?

How long does it take to get ready for the day out? What do you need to pack? How big a bag do you need to pack? Can you as the adult / carer carry all of this without hurting yourself? What impact does this have for you at the end of the day? What does this mean for the relief when your kids go back to school? Are you concerned over what’s happening but have no choice so you have to put up with it because you need the relief for a longer period of time to allow ‘your’ body to cope. These are really big questions. But they are very real.