Personal decision making re personal health

What is health to one person can be different to what is health to another person. What is enjoyable to one person can be a horrible experience to another. How we make decisions about how we spend our time is unique to each of us. Yet it also isn’t. The environment provides set boundaries that have been established for us over generations which require us to fit ‘into’ and around. How many meals do you eat a day? What types of meals do you eat a day? What is an acceptable breakfast food? What is an acceptable snack versus proper meal? What is an acceptable type of job? What is an acceptable type of income? All of these things have preparatory steps or activities that go into getting them ready. All fo these things require a certain amount of that 24 hour day time period that we have access to. How many showers do you have per day? Per week? Does it depend on your job?

How long can you last for before you need a holiday? What does a holiday look like to you? Is it the same as your partner? Is it the same for your kids? Is a family holiday based around your kids needs? How long can you last like that for? Do you need separate time by yourself during the week to make up for that? Or do you have another way to take care of your own needs to make sure that you can stay in ‘balance’.

Do you know what balance is for yourself? Did you know it before you had kids? Did you know it before you were in a relationship with someone else? Do you know how much sleep you need? Would you like more or do you go this is ‘all’ I seem to be able to get so it’ll do – does that satisfy you or do you keep on thinking about it and harassing yourself about it because you actually know that it doesn’t work for your health. But that ‘at the moment’ there is nothing else that you can do about it.

How many hours a week do you work? What amount of money do you need to earn to live off of? Is that enough or does the environment around you not provide you with an opportunity to earn more. If you decide to change jobs do you get a choice about doing something that you like? Or are you more qualified or less qualified than what seems to be available. What is it that you would like to spend your time doing? How much money does that ‘type’ of job earn you – can you live off of that?

Does your job take more out of you than a typical job? How much more? Does your job have a lot of unpaid time with it? Is that an ok thing with you? For how long can you do this? How do you measure your progress and what is the limit when you go that’s enough? Do you learn from the last time that you went through that and decide this time I can make an earlier decision to stop before it gets too bad? Did that make you healthier? Well done.