Learning to manage hair

How long is your hair? Does it stay still in one place or you wake up with it like that or do you need to constantly adjust it to make sure that it looks ok? Or do you leave it and not touch it? Do you brush your hair in the morning when you put it up or do you just put it up without brushing it? Do you have control over your hair? Are you able to position it where you want it to go? Does your hair get hot on your head? Do you sweat a lot through your head? Are you comfortable wearing hats and beanies? are you comfortable wearing headbands and elastics or does the tightness bother you so you don’t wear them much, often or you pull them out after a while?

How frequently do you need to wash your hair? Is it something that you do daily or once a week or you struggle to wash it? Or do you go to the hairdressers to have your hair washed because your arms won’t go up easily over your head and its a great chance to talk to someone given you live alone and are elderly now so your social contacts are limited?

Do you know how to shave? Did someone teach you? Does your hair grow thickly or is there not much of it? Do you prefer a beard because its hard to shave but really you would like to have a clean face? Can you reach down to your legs to shave your legs? Is your bathroom big enough for you to do these tasks by yourself easily or as you move and extend your arms around do you hit things e.g. shower glass? Do you need two sinks because of how long it takes you in the morning or because you need ‘space’ on the bench top to make sure that you organise yourself well because its your face or its your legs and its highly visible to others

Are you comfortable with the colour of your hair? Do others comment positively about it or negatively about it?

Is your hair heavy? Do you need to keep it to a certain length and beyond that it doesn’t work for you? What style of hair cut have you had? Have you ever had different ones? Did that work for you – did anyone make positive or negative comments about it or did they not notice at all? Some people can have their entire hair chopped off and no one comments at all!

Hair Love – Youtube