Dealing with repetition with visually presented information

I don’t want to do it this way. I WANT TO DO IT MY WAY!


What happens if you place a number or alphabet puzzle in front of a student and don’t allow them to start at A and go all the way through to Z?

What happens if you make them complete it based on colours? Where they have to take container full of all of the green pieces first and place those in.


How frustrated do they get? Why? How much harder is it to visually scan and make constant decisions for EVERY SINGLE INDIVIDUAL PUZZLE PIECE THAT YOU PICK UP?

It might be that you don’t like giving someone else control over the how you do things? So that’s one thing that you might see a sign for during the timing of behaviour or communicated verbally distress / anger etc.

If might be that the quantity of time that this will now take is exhausting visually? How many kids struggle to keep their eyes tracking back and forth well, get distressed when they cant see things because it leaves them open to negative feedback or just have a constant need to do things their way so that they can reduce the overall demands that are placed on them at ANY TIME OF THE DAY because the environments that they access are too overwhelming in total, so any reduction in demands helps them cope better..


These are boxes when I represent them on the web page like this. Yet in the real world they are individual pages within an App. BUT. The boxes to put things into ARE THERE. The Bed is a box. The blanket is a box. There is a box of animals. There is a box within the sentence. The first one we didn’t use the box and add the ‘The” but for the rest of the time its there.

I like puzzles because I KNOW WHAT I AM DOING WITH THEM. I don’t know how to do other things. The world is a confusing place!

This was the second attempt for a student who has difficulty focusing. Well not really, yet for everyone else that was her main issue. Yet not really. Have a think about HOW MANY STEPS ARE IN THIS. Does she have attentional issues? Nope..