Consolidating information

Which toy did you buy when thinking of something for a Christmas or Birthday present?

How many toy shops did you go through? Or did you go to the local big style department store like Kmart or Target because you were in the middle of shopping for other things at the same time?


When did you stop buying toys? Why?

What do you do with them when they’re not being used anymore? Or are they completely destroyed and you throw them out and that is when you buy new ones? ie. how many iPads have you gone through?


Do you ONLY buy toys for Christmas or Birthdays or other holiday events? Why? Are your kids ever with you in the toy store or do they shop from looking at the TV or ads on the internet? Why is it that they don’t go toy shopping with you? What happens if you walk into a toy shop with someone and they don’t know what they want? How long does your child walk around trying to make a decision? Do you end up forcing the decision just to get out of the store?

Question: How long do you take to buy a car? Its ‘expensive’ and you want to make sure you understand everything properly because you don’t get to buy a car very often. Cars you get to test drive. Clothes you get to try on. Do you get to try toys? At your friends places?