Issues with use in public settings

Do you have enough data on your phone so that you can link it to an iPad when it is needing to be used 24 hours per day? What happens when you live somewhere where the internet is inconsistent and drops out repeatedly and you have an individual who screams down the house because their videos have stopped? How much storage do you have on your device? Is it enough for large videos or do you have an individual who takes large quantities of photos over a 10 year + period demonstrating their lives and how they have changed? With all of those videos cataglogued with dates on them are they easy for your loved one to find so that they can communicate with others during therapy sessions or when out in public? Are you allowed to take your iPad everywhere? Do you take it into the bath tub with you? How about in the swimming pool?

Protecting an iPad can go through stages. How many covers have you been through for when the iPad gets damaged? Is it something that you need to wash repeatedly because of dirty fingers or mess that has been caked on to the surface? Do you need to have a storage rack for multiple iPads so that one is immediately available the instant that the previous ones battery runs out?

How do others go when you are walking around and your loved one is on the iPad all the time? When they wont put it down when you attend other appointments with them? When they literally take it to the toilet?

How much are they blocking out versus how much are they bored versus how much are they controlling what they want to interact with and don’t want to be forced to interact with versus know what to do versus don’t know what to do etc. ?