Daily Schedule – family vs individual

Routines within a families individual home can vary significantly yet there are body clock tasks which require us to complete certain tasks more frequently than others. When do you need to use the toilet? How many toilets are there in your home? How long does it take you to use the toilet? Does that make you late for school?

How long do you sleep at night? When you lie down does your body go to sleep easily or are you awake for a very long time? How easy is it for your body to stay not moving so that you don’t wake the rest of the house up at night time? Does your body need to move at night time or do you need to manage the heat in the room? What impact does it have on the rest of the family when one person is awake and noisy all night? What happens when medication doesn’t work? The other types of activities to try – how much time do they take up? If you need to jump on a trampoline for an hour and then you can sleep, what else doesn’t get done because that time is needed? At what time of night does that happen? What happens when there isn’t enough carer hours to support parents being able to sleep? What happens when there is more than one individual in the family who needs this type of extensive personal support to enable them to be protected?