Energy conservation and self regulation

Knowing what the most challenging tasks of the day or of the week will be becomes an important piece(s) of information when preparing yourself to take the steps necessary to get there and to walk yourself through them. Assuming that you have good energy resources then its simply a matter of completing the steps as you go. What happens though when you don’t have enough energy, when your resources are depleted and others are asking more of you? How do you respond? This is where it is absolutely necessary to understand resources. And their management. Resources can be stable or they can be something that shifts on you. Or they can become depleted. What is your hand control like after a few pages of writing? Are you still able to continue to write with all of the detail or do you drop the detail for the sake of getting it done so that you can rest your hand? Which is more important, letting others know that your hand is really tired and has been bothering you for a while versus coping with a lesser grade on your school task. Which one has the biggest impact in your life? A tired or sore hand means that you ‘have’ to or will be ‘made’ to do something about it? So what does that mean for you in the details of how you get through your day or the bigger picture of what will happen next? Does it depend on your age? Does it depend on your skill level? Or does it just require you no matter who you are to keep on trying to work it out until it becomes a bigger issue when you ‘have’ to deal with it. As an individual, ‘it depends’ is an answer. But is it the correct answer.

Each activity, each step, each interaction, each word said takes up energy. How many times do you need to explain to someone how you feel before they finally understand that the answer is no, I don’t want this, I don’t want to do that. How much energy does it take to ‘ramp up’ the communication to ‘really’ help them understand. What is the cost of that to you? Is this a one off, or has this been happening for such a long time that the cost has been accumulative and is unmeasurable as all you want is for something to stop or to be completed in a way that works for you. Do I speak now, do I hold back, do I persist, how long do I persist, can I feel my energy depleting, how quickly is it depleting, do I have a way out of this? This is resource management. Insight. Comprehension. Knowledge. Its all the same thing. Its just details, how things work together and knowing when and when not to use them. Thats the effort involved in learning to manage yourself. In learning to self regulate. Whether than be as an individual, as part of a group, as part community.