Support for financial planning

Families of individuals with disabilities or chronic health conditions who require intensive support services over long periods of time have considerable demands placed on them with financial management. Developing a detailed understanding of the different types of funding sources which are available and how their flow can be used over the course of the year balanced with out of pocket expenses. Navigating through NDIS reviews dependent on their frequency and the significant time demands required for research and paperwork regardless of what type of plan you are on. For families with multiple individuals requiring intensive care, long term living arrangements dependent on the level of support may require additional space for a carer to sleep overnight which impacts on the type and size of house. Despite the support provided by NDIS and Medicare, families have been paying for significant health and therapy support for year after year after year after year. How old are those that they care for. So how many years of therapy support have they been accessing e.g. 20 + years. Whilst money might come now with new funding supports got future years, what has already been spent historically has already had a significant impact on the family, where they live, who they live with and how they as parents and as a family live.

Occupational Therapists can assist by having regular conversations about planning and efficiency of services to minimise the impact financially and to support planning for high and low demands as needed.