Why I might like things done in certain ways

How hard or easy are each of these?

Do you organise the buttons into groups or leave them in the pile as the toy gets dumped onto the table / floor?

Did you know that the bird was easier to do than the fish, that it was easier to do than the lollipop stand?

How’s your finger dexterity? Do you think you could do these small little things? After all, its the same type of toy: pick it up and put it in. You only have to get the colours right.

Most toys don’t come with the sorting done for you. How much easier does it make it when its already sorted for you? When you can just reach out a grab what you want?

Same job. But it isn’t. I am still picking something up and putting it in. But I have to identify that its the end of the thread / lace that I need to pick up. If someone has started it for me that I need to know where to go next. Do I do the fine detail work of looking at each whole and recognising that given the length of the lace that I have enough to sew through each whole rather than just focusing on sewing a couple of parts and then deciding that that’s enough. How many toys give numbers on them to guide the sequence of steps? What difference does it make when they do that? Do you know what parents want to go out and buy the toys that they see their kids using in OT? Do OT’s know how to chose better toys in the first place because its part of our knowledge base.