Purchasing individual bricks


What is is that your child / adult is interested in building? What pieces do you already have?

How much time do they spend playing with Lego? Do you have large quantities already or are you just starting off? Do they need instructions or can they build things by themselves? What types of things do they know how to build?

Write down a list of objects that they could build that are they are interested in? Can you break that down further into the pieces that would be needed? If yes, then write a list of the pieces or names of parts that you need and then consider your buying options. Option 3 is the best one. But it is extremely helpful if this is going to be something of a longer term interest to go look through the Lego Store just so that you can get an idea of what is available and what things look like before you start to order properly. Lego Stores sell different kits than are available in normal stores. There are a lot more kits of pieces that are helpful for adding in extra details that are specifically packaged to extend kids play when you don’t need to buy a bigger box.

E.g. Xtra Botanical Accessories $6.99









E.g. Xtra Streetlamps $6.99



There are two locations within Sydney. One at Bondi Junction and one in the Broadway Shopping Centre in the city.

To purchase individual pieces of Lego rather than in boxes / plastic bags at the store you need to know exactly what you want in advance.

What is stored in the individual containers may be changed every time that you go so you can not rely on them having more of what you originally purchased or of what someone told you was available when they went.


To buy from the Lego store you have 2 measuring cups. One small and one large. You can fill it with whatever you want from the wall, in whatever quantities to fill the container with the lid firmly on.

Small = $14.99                         Large = $29.99

Some stores have large quantities and others have small walls to choose from. Please note, there is NO ladder to climb. You will need to ASK staff for help to reach things that are higher up. If there are less quantities in the specific type that you need ASK them if they have anymore.

This can be an expensive option and is NOT recommended for most kids with special needs nor their parents or therapists EVER.



The website allows you to purchase individual bricks from what they have available at the time. This system is used for multiple countries / geographic areas so quantities may be limited in what you want and waiting times may be long during some periods / delivery times may be slow with higher shipping fees.

Search through the website. Each brick can be found by its item number. If you have instructions from previous sets, at the back is a list of each part that was included and this includes the part number. You can then search for what you want using this number. It is helpful to write down a list of what you want in advance and cross them off as you find them so that you can make sure that you get everything that you want. If you can find everything that you need then this can be simple and convenient, however delivery time and cost may not be effective for what you want.



First open an account.

You can search through the site for a particular item number

or you can search through under the categories.


You will be able to see what colours are available for sale AND in what quantities:

You can then choose the seller that you want to purchase from which allows you to compare prices and buy in larger quantities e.g. 100 of the same exact piece if you want to do that.  It also allows you to buy from which country you want, this will impact on shipping cost and overall cost. You can select to have sellers just from Australia. Purchasing new or used will impact on the price.


One of the significant challenges with Bricklink is that you will NOT be able to purchase everything that you need from one seller. You will be making multiple transactions and have multiple shipping fees BUT you will mostly be able to get everything that you need if you are willing to pay for it.

BrickLink does allow you to make a wish list so that you can store your list online in their system. This is extremely helpful!


Examples of things that can be built with the right pieces: