Limitations – learning them

When do you stop yourself? From what?

How much you know about the task that is being asked of you during your day helps you know when too much is enough and it’s time to stop. At other times it’s extremely important to keep pushing through despite the limitations that are being placed on you because your health requires it. At other times you give up before its time because the pattern of this type of pathway through these types of tasks is just overwhelming, so to regulate yourself you’ve ‘learned’ from past experience to stop now or to put a halt on any demands being asked of you.

This represents an understanding of size. Of the size of the demands being placed on you and of the size of the demands you are asking of yourself. Being aware of your skill level, of the level of detail of your skill level helps you match what types of environments or situations that you ‘choose’ to place yourself in. This then helps promote greater success which helps reinforce this knowledge as a support for the strategy of choices that you are making to take care of yourself. This is learning to regulate yourself. It is knowledge. It is experience. How quickly you learn? How quickly are you allowed to learn?

Or do you have others that don’t want you to learn? That like the support that you can provide them. Who don’t provide you with accurate feedback about what you can and can’t do because of the benefits to them. So that they are regulated at your expense. E.g. we work on a task together where one person does most the work e.g. school projects.