Accomodation and Food management on Holidays

The types of foods that we eat may or may not be available at the place that you are staying on holidays. You may not have a fridge. You may not have a table to sit at. What happens if you are still drinking from a bottle and need a place to clean up everything? What happens if hot chips are one of the only things that calm you down when you’re out? What happens if McDonalds or KFC a few times a week are the only thing that keeps the routine moving? Does that limit where you can stay? Is that available at some locations that can be options?

As a parent how many children do you have? How easy is the supervision when you are in linked rooms? Do you need to go somewhere that has fences? What is the programming like in the child care section of the hotel / resort you are staying at? Does your child want to go? Is your child happy to stay?

Did you get a holiday?