Flow of movement patterns

TRE: Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises – an introduction – YouTube video (caution focus on pelvis with photography in some areas).

Caution: Trauma and Tension Releasing Exercises – evoking neurogenic tremors


Reference Books for managing the therapists ‘flow’ when physically supporting children / individuals with movement patterns that change:

Regi Boehme, OTR. Developing Mid Range Control and Function in Children with Fluctuating Muscle Tone.

Regi Boehme, OTR Improving Upper Body Control: An Approach to Assessment and Treatment of Tonal Dysfunction.

Regi Boehme, OTR. Myofascial Release and its Application to Neuro-Developmental Treatment.

Regi Boehme, OTR. The Hypotonic Child: Treatment for Postural Control, Endurance, Strength, and Sensory Organisation. 


Video Resources: 

Regi Boehme, OTR. Upper Extremity Treatment of an Adult with Hemiplegia.

Regi Boehme, OTR. Gaining Control of the Trunk:  Treatment of the Child with Spasticity.

Regi Boehme, OTR. From Focus to Function: A Pediatric Treatment.

Regi Boehme, OTR. NDT Treatment of Adult with Spastic Quadriplegia. 


Kathy Flemming Drehobl (1990) Pediatric Massage: For the Child with Special Needs

Revised edition printed in 2000.