Comparing knowledge bases

When you are sitting opposite someone and you want to interact with them what do you do?

(a) Check to see if they are first doing something else that you shouldn’t interrupt

(b) Decide to interrupt immediately because you want to talk to them


When you’ve made that assessment. What do you do next isn’t as important as what you should have already done before you get to making the previous choices which is to work out why you are both there in the first place and what you should be doing with your time? What expectation was it that put you next to them in the first place? Are there pre-determined rules about how you should interact based on where you are? Based on WHO you are?

When YOU want to get somewhere in life do you know if you have the required skills to get you there or are you having to learn as you go? Do others help you are is this something that you need to do by yourself? Joint tasks are great if the activity itself is designed to be done by a group of people together. But what if it isn’t? What if the skills required are actually required to be kept / stored within one person and not shared? Yes its more work but what are the benefits of one person knowing all of those skills?

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If the task was easy why would you share it? Why would you get someone to do something for you or with you if you can do it so quickly yourself?