Predicting skills

Being able to ‘see’ something in advance:

Who? What? When? Where? How? Why?

What were you paying attention to in the first place? Did it link together neatly or did your attention get taken somewhere else? Was it you who took your attention somewhere else because you started to think down a different pathway? Was it something in the environment that took your attention elsewhere and made you think down a different pathway? Or were you able to stay well regulated and be able to shift between your own internal attention, your own attention to what is happening around you. AND THEN – > then be able to work out what was being ‘asked’ of you based on the role of what you had been given?

Can you predict that way?

Is that predicting or is that planning? Yet how do you plan if its the first time you’ve done something? You can, its called being able to have a plan for those times when you’ve never done something before and you know that its going to be tricker because you don’t have any feedback based on past experiences to tell you how you will do? Yet you do have feedback. How did you go on things that you haven’t done before? Are they fast for you to learn or slow for you to learn? etc.