Supporting self care with personal and family health

What do you communicate about how sick you are? Who do you communicate it to? To what level of detail do you talk about? Can you talk about it or is it hard to describe? Do you know that you have an issue or something that you want to talk about but struggle to correctly define or label it? Do you know how to link all of the different issues together to convey them to others? To different types of professionals, for their different specialities? Or do you hear from individuals Am sorry mum I didn’t think to tell you that? How much detail do you get? How do you link non verbal communication from a few years ago about the same symptoms with the current attempts to talk about it? Do you get partial conversations or are you blocked from talking about it?

Is it important to talk about it or is it a safety issue about who you talk about it with? How frequently do you get someone to talk about it with?


Are they able to advocate on your behalf about your medical and health needs to those professionals working with you or are the topics of conversations limited to certain topics only based on their professional backgrounds..