Exploring family travel

Traveling for families with children or young adults with disabilities can be a significant risk which requires extensive planning before hand, often for years and years. The location of the place to visit may be determined by the individual with a disability or by the parents need to visit family or if possible a choice as a holiday for all involved. The form of travel can vary. Families have used cruise ships, their personal cars, trains and airplanes to travel different distances. An enjoyment of movement and exploration of changing scenery can make it easier for some individuals to cope with the demands of travelling and the crowds. Moving through the airport can be made easier through letters from an Occupational Therapist describing the specific details required for that individual. In some situations, Occupational Therapists work closely with the specific environments to design a more accessible overall environment and programming. Environmental Modification, like Home Modifications can be used to support a wide variety of individual needs across different types of disabilities that can become integrated into the way that the tasks of that setting are completed and how staff and individuals interact with each other. Training concepts, just like an OT would do with safe manual handling are designed to assess the staff and individual needs of the clients as well specific to that environment. Sensory or Quiet Rooms have been established in some centres e.g. sporting venues, to assist individuals with disabilities or mental health issues. A more detailed assessment is needed to design programming for individual and global needs.