Dividing up labour

I need help with something but I haven’t done it before.

So how much of a proportion of ‘your’ time will I need to take up? Do you know? Can you estimate how long it will take someone to help with something or do you just need ‘them’ to fix it?

Maths is an interesting task when you look at the repetition in the sequences of steps. From a pencil control perspective there are a lot of small precise movements required very close to each other. Yet we see pages that look like this:

Have a look at the different grade levels comparison

Year 1.           Below Satisfactory ———– Satisfactory ———– Above Satisfactory

Year 3.          Below Satisfactory ———– Satisfactory ———– Above Satisfactory

Year 5.          Below Satisfactory ———– Satisfactory ———– Above Satisfactory


Why do students need things like this?


source: ModMath.

One of the issues with using these types of strategies is that the division of labour is STILL an issue. Because you are having to copy out the question in the first place and do the formatting rather than being able to apply the symbols straight onto the PDF worksheet.

When you start looking at everyday software programs that some people have access to and you start playing around you can find things like this? Adobe Pro DC – Fill and Sign tool

But I can only type along the line. If I want to format the question like this, I cant. I need to recognise in ADVANCE that I need to leave a space so that I have room to put in the plus sign. And I cant make horizontal lines easily so that I could make a straight line easily to make a divider between the question and the answer.  So this software doesn’t work for all my needs. Yet it has some good uses if you already have access to it.

If you open up a blank page or a PDF worksheet where there is more written work than number layout then Adobe Acrobat – Fill and Sign tool may help with things like this:


do we need new products developed or do we just need to fix the ones that are the mainstream products used in the first place so that we don’t add too much cost and make them accessible for everyone easily?