Visual Analysis Skills

Patterns of recognition require a significant understanding of the ‘what’ you are looking for in the first place otherwise what is subjective versus objective depends on your own knowledge versus are you using the knowledge of others to direct your attention.


Do you lead someone down the pathway or do you push them along it? The wording use in some of the original Sensory Integration work has some force to it. The word ‘must’ implies that a new graduate has the knowledge to do something that is the same in the ‘art’ of sensory integration as does a senior or more experienced therapist. Yet. Thats not true. We can not see inside someone’s body. So regardless of how old someone is a therapist ‘must’ not push someone along a pathway but aim to try to work out through the means available to them.

Dependent on who you are the things that you are analysing can be very different. You can be triggered instantly by something that warns immediate danger or you might see exploration. How do you look at this?


Have you ever worked in the field of spinal cord injuries?

If you are working with children or those with poor visual analysis skills, who is the one responsible for environmental safety?


The individual needs to learn to look for things that are dangerous, yes.

The individual needs to learn to look for how they learn to know in advance that things are dangerous, yes.

The individual needs to learn to learn that when they get in trouble or hurt themselves frequently that they need to slow down and work out why they are doing that so that they can stop putting themselves into a position where they hurt themselves, yes.

The environment knows in advance that individuals hurt themselves because they don’t pay attention to these (edges within the pool at different heights, which are moveable and can therefore change so that when you learn the shape of the pool on one day it could be different the next, so when you do a running jump to do a ‘bomb’ into the pool, where it worked yesterday because the pool was one shape, today you land on the edge and end up in hospital.

So who’s responsibility is that then. The pool designers? The pool design industry body? etc etc etc keep working your way up the food chain.