Understanding rules versus fairness

When is something a rule?

When is something about being fair?


Whose body is it? Whose resources are they? Are there rules around who gets to decide how they get used? Is there some ‘fairness’ or equality issue that isn’t being acknowledged or addressed that is coming into play? Or is the individual angry that ‘they’ wanted a turn? That ‘they’ wanted to be able to move through this particular pathway of learning or sequence of steps of something that is highly desirable to them?

Individuals with difficulty planning or understanding how parts relate to the whole frequently have extremely high grievances with others about concepts of fairness. Repeatedly. Loudly. Intensely.

This is something that needs to be address very explicitly with extremely clear boundaries around what is ok and not ok e.g. it is not ok to physically hurt someone regardless of how angry they have made or are making you. Knowledge about rules in advance can be extremely helpful to go through with those individuals with disabilities to support their knowledge of the details of what is involved. Therapists may find that they need to review the explicit rules for certain environments to determine whether a behaviour is appropriate or not.