Progression of skill(s)

Which comes first? What do you need to learn first? Where do I look first? Where do I look next? Do I look first or Do I need to use my hands to feel first? How do I decide?

Does it not depend on what is being asked of you? So is attention task related in the first place? Yes or No?

How long can you keep focused on something? Is there a difference between how long you can stay focused for things that you like versus things that you don’t like? At what age is it considered ‘acceptable’ or normal to walk away from things that we don’t like. We do it as adults all the time yet as kids they may not get the choice. No. This is what we are having for dinner. No. This is the school work we are doing. No We need to go to the shops first before we go to the beach. Yes, you can decide what job you’d like to do when you get older???? nope, yes, maybe, sometimes, hopefully, never, always. What is controlled by the environment? How much of what is progression of our skills is based on what we have available for us on offer?