Capabilities versus safety / home

Concern about how your child will be able to manage their own ability to look after themselves when their parents are no longer living is a source of increasing concern as they age. With the introduction of NDIS this distress has lessened however the challenge of having a safe place to live, a comfortable and enjoyable place to live and has provided more options for places to look at pathways and opportunities for periods of employment.

The need for financial planning can start early on and can significantly change everything about the way a family lives on a day to day basis and how they make decisions on what they spend and where they don’t go and what they don’t get involved in and what they never explore. The financial burden isn’t just about making decisions to not spend money on something so that it is stored in a bank account, it is about walking through or living with the impact of those decisions. How, as a parent, do you keep yourself motivated to stay with your own job that you may or may not like simply because it gives you money at a good level that enables you to save well for your child / children’s (families with multiple individuals with needs) futures. Burden of care is a very real concept that is lived every second of every day.