Working through source material

A common issue for students at school is difficulty working between different sources of materials to work out what they need to do for the task being asked of them. The ability to work off of the internet, off of verbal or visual instructions from others and off of the visual layout and text and photographs linked in various methods on the worksheet, text book or other supports. Where you focus your attention on first can lead you down a specific pathway. Yet was that the correct piece of information to pick up on to complete the task or does it lead you to failing. In some circumstances, students can be so emotionally overwhelmed that they are correct that they are let to follow through the pathway that they have started because they are unable to shift off of it. When stuck on that pathway they may be unable to focus on other details which are being provided to them or have a narrow focus of attention to get to the goal of completion or any other goal that they want to achieve.

Being able to navigate successfully through online search engines and different types of websites and information requires the ability to analyse as you go. This can be challenging with all of the clutter that can be present. There are a lot of sites which copy information without accurate source information. When provided with accurate source information and organised layout / sequenced material designed to support comprehension in small detail or bigger picture students may be able to complete the task independently.