Moving and maths

How does your body work? Easily or not. Does that impact on your ability to understand movement through space or are you able to watch other people do things and learn from that at least the concepts? What happens if you can’t visually learn, how do you do really complex things physically?

Blind Football London 2012 Paralympics

What is inside a Blind Persons soccer ball? – Youtube video


How much understanding do I have about structure if I am a visually impaired Judo player? About 3D space? About height? about direction? About speed? About levers? About distances?


What does the analysis of movement and which types of professionals do work together and should work together? In what countries is that different? what countries have systems already built, versus what countries have people who can work out how to solve problems?

Disabled boy rides bike with cousin thanks to local blacksmith

A solution to a problem doesn’t always have to be the best case gold standard. It may be that this is just the starting point in the conversation about being able to ‘ride’ a bike.

Have you ever taught someone how to walk into and out of a pool? Preschool swim class The YMCA – Pike