Movement and tiny details that give perspective or take it away


How big an impression do we get from a visual? Is it immediate or is it something that takes time to process the details. Figure ground perception has been likened to being able to recognise a tiger instantly at a distance so that you know to be scared of it and can protect yourself (Scientific American article years ago?).

How do we measure distance or size though? Do we have enough things around us that give us comparison or are we the only ones on the field or ground around us so that no one else can be seen. If we stand out so much does that make us look like the tiger, instantly recognisable or does it depend on the photograph that is taken..

How big is this puzzle? Can you tell from this exact photograph?

Or when you put a measurement up next to it you see exactly how small it actually is? Someone just needed to look at it with a ruler next to it, then it is highly visible the value of it?


Does this give you enough perspective? Probably not. So ok, how about this? Can you tell how big each piece is still?


From a static photograph or a worksheet can you see all of the details that have been completed, the sequence of decisions that were made, can you see an individuals thinking out loud?

I can. I was sitting with them. But that doesn’t help me provide you with details when I need to ‘prove’ something to YOU. Because you can’t tell who did the work. In the above I traced the dark black lines and then the student did all the rest of the work. They get really tired and need to have big periods of high motivating tasks. They’re really medically unwell..

What about in this case? can you see the work? Or is it because you can see an adults handwriting that you think that this is all prompted or spoken by the adult? Or can you see the difference in tone of voice and see that there are two different people speaking but one person is writing.


In both of these cases there are video’s showing each step and decision that was made on the screen through screen recording on an iPad using the software embedded already within the program..