Underused resources

How many things have you bought that you’ve thrown out because they were only used for a small amount of time or opened but not interact with? Did you throw them out or are they politely sitting on a shelf with you hoping that your kids or yourself will get time to make it work? Does this have an impact on what you then decide to buy next? Or refuse to buy again? Because of how much waste?

Are there rooms within your home or your centre which don’t get used much? Or are only used by a certain amount of individuals? Is it a challenging room to be in? Do they need to have a certain skill level to enter? Why? Is the place dangerous and can only be entered with supervision and support eg. bathroom or kitchen. Thats fine and is an age expectancy on who is then required to provide that supervision and support when they are a young child but not when they are a teenager or young adult. Do we keep them out of the kitchen? Is that for safety? Or does the layout of the kitchen and danger of the utensils contribute to why they need to be kept out? Are there alternatives? How many? How much do those alternatives cost? How many times have you tried alternatives? How much time does it take up to do the research? Is this why you want a new house? Is that something that you knew when you moved into this house? Nope. So its not your fault.