Understanding the use of Physics in gaming

Where does animation and physics exist together in a visible way? gaming.



Where do I stand when I am going to jump? Is Maths the same as physics? Is it the starting point? If so, then is movement the start of our understanding of maths and then of physics or do we understand maths AND physics straight away because of how we move our bodies. So when we wait to teach physics as a subject til later, how easy or hard is it to understand things in a different ‘language’ when we’ve been playing and using these concepts since we were little….


What do you learn when you study animation? Yet. Aren’t these things that we ‘observe’ all day every day. Don’t we interact with them all day every day. No. Not for some people. They may not be interacting with these types of moving objects. People who play a lot of sport or are around cars etc understand it a little better, but no, they don’t, depends on what type of activity those objects are participating in.




Just because you can see some things visible on the screen doesn’t mean that they are real in existence. Just because this looks like the most optimal movement pattern doesn’t mean that ‘your’ body in the real world is going to be able to make it through those obstacles. Just because kids cant talk about the complexity of the decisions that they make when using gaming devices that have principles of physics and maths in them DOESNT mean that they don’t know what they are. The query then is.

Do YOU as an adult have the language to navigate THAT jump / that GAP between the curriculum’s content and their knowledge?

In case you are wondering. This is just the first screen in the game. It extends quite a way from here.