Responsibility for regulating someone

Whose job is it to regulate someone requires a detailed definition of the word ‘regulate’? From an individual level, to a parent level, to family decisions, to a schools responsibility, to the different health care providers different responsibilities based on their professions code of conduct and domain of function / practice, and to the governments level of responsibility.

Discussion during team meetings with parents may be met with disagreement on what strategies will or won’t be implemented and may come down to a conflict between environmental rules and regulations and what is reasonable and necessary as compared to a parents / professionals request for strategies to be implemented. Whose responsibility is this then? Where does responsibility for regulating each member of the team come in – who then needs to attend the meetings? Who then needs to be involved at a higher level administrative level to discuss what options are ‘legally’ then able to be implemented or not? Where does an advocate come in versus when do families or the individual feel like they can express themselves without fear of not being heard or no progress?