Categorising clothing is helpful

Talking about the appropriate places for wearing different types of clothing is helpful so that it is known why I am needing to put on this type of clothing versus why I am feeling forced to wear something when I’m quite happy wearing this or I don’t like wearing that. Being able to know in advance the reasons as to why its ‘helpful’ environmentally or culturally or personally to wear certain types of clothing e.g. formal to a funeral is important to talk through for those who can’t tolerate wearing different types of clothing in the first place. For those that have such a limited repertoire of clothes that they will wear, the advanced knowledge of what is needed and why it is needed may help them adjust their body routines / regulatory needs before hand so that they can be ready in advance in time for the funeral. Think through how many minutes (literally) or hours items of clothing need to be worn for. Is it just for the school photos or just whilst we stand at the cemetery and then you can change into your normal clothes immediately after you get into the car.

Classify t-shirts for formal wear versus everyday wear if that is all someone can tolerate. It may even be necessary to classify logos and graphic designs into those that are appropriate for wearing in a restaurant versus those that are ok to go to someone not well knowns house for dinner.

If there is enough space within the wardrobe or drawers, consider sectioning off areas so that the items of chosen can be chosen by themselves as their knowledge grows.


Adjustable telescoping hanging rods to create additional storage areas within an existing wardrobe.

Shoe storage pouches for the back of the door to free up space within wardrobe and remove items off of the floor / lower areas so that more priority visually attention wise can be given to the jobs for getting dressed using appropriate clothing for different purposes.