Obstacles and Interferences

How tired are you today? Do your bones ache? These are probably questions that get an answer of “I’m fine thanks”. Yet is it better to ask:

Which chair do you prefer to sit on? Is that one more comfortable than this one? Why? Well, I can get more comfortable when I sit in this chair for longer periods of time, and this other one is a bit lumpy.

I don’t want to write anymore. My hand hurts. I can’t think of anything more to say. I’m bored. I don’t like doing these. Where are the obstacles to attention in these:  chair + pencil + duration of time sitting + not been to the toilet in ___ long etc etc etc

Its a hot day + smells from the sweaty kids + lunch smells + unable to go to the toilet today as its blocked + I can’t do the school work in front of me + that other kid is being mean to me + ______ + _______ + _______ etc


how’s your navigational skills? Being able to pay attention is being able to navigate through everything around you and what’s happening inside of you at the same time.

How important does the sequencing of tasks that you are being presented become now….