Integrating new knowledge bases by yourself or without help

In which format do you learn best?

Is it easier for you to read something and then work out the rest yourself? Or do you need someone to talk you through each and EVERY step? When they talked you through each and EVERY step did that make it easier OR did you still have difficulty? Why? Do you know? Given our different levels of experience, once you reach a certain level of years completing the same tasks there is an expectation of skill that comes in being able to integrate new information yourself without relying on others for help. Do you know how to do that or do you continue to rely on others for help? The big question is when integrating new knowledge bases, is, is that level of help that you are asking for appropriate for your level of supposed experience with other areas / skills? Because if it isn’t, there are VERY CLEAR examples of when things fail because some of the core foundations of experience of knowledge base are not understood..

Blokus: More than Just Tabletop Tetris | Ian's Movie Reviews

One of the healthy issues with learning is learning how to work through being scared of something. Learning how to learn is important otherwise there can be an unhealthy level of pressure exerted on to other people which requires them to carry more of the workload where there is an expectation of only being a helper rather than the doer of the actual tasks.

Are you used to being ‘spoon fed’ information or are you able to cope with information being presented in a range of different ways and in being able to ‘jump’ in to that area and keep your balance and work out what you can be doing as you go AND work with the helper at the same time?

International Playthings Poppa's Pizza Pile-Up Balance Game Papa PPPU

What you can’t see underneath this picture is the hand position. It has a pointed finger. This game is about balance. The dice is rolled and you are then forced to pick up whatever piece is listed and then you need to work out where to place it on top of the pizza base in a way that it doesn’t cause the overall pizza to lose its toppings and everything fall off.

Metaphors this isn’t. If you struggle yourself with regulating yourself and organising your own needs being able to support someone with high intensity challenging or complex behaviours will be something that you WILL struggle with.


What happens if you are in an environment or a task where no one is helping you? Where you are left alone to work everything out yourself?

THIS. DOES. HAPPEN. FREQUENTLY for students with special needs AND their families.