Repetitive thinking – looping

Did you understand me? Did you understand what I said?

It doesn’t look like it.

ok. So I need to go through this again. Here is the information again:


I have a limitation in how I can express myself (documented in my clinical reports / school results). I sometimes need or rely on others to talk for me. I might use emphasis on different words each time I repeat the loop the whole way through because I am trying to bring your attention to ‘that’ particular piece. I don’t know how to summarise things. But I know that ‘you’ misunderstand me often, so I ‘know’ from experience to keep going til I get it right, til I get you to understand me, because I know that ‘this’ is important. So I repeat myself. Frequently. I need ‘you’ to pick up on the cues that I am emphasising. Can you? Do you know how? Do you have the time to go through this repeatedly with me? How many times have we / or have I had this conversation with you? Do I do this with everyone? Am I searching for someone to help me or to provide me with more details? Am I trying to ask a question?