Handing down of toys and of preferences

Within a family: 

At what age do you expect a much younger sibling to play with the older siblings toys? Or do you expect the older sibling(s) to work out how to make it appropriate for the younger one to play with them, because you aren’t going to buy any new toys again as you’ve already bought those and thrown them out and don’t want to fill up the house with even more toys.

How many kids do you have? What does the first one get exposed to compared to the next in line, compared to the next in line and so on?


Down through generations: 

Within my family my job stopped some of the toys being handed down because I got to the box of Lego first and pulled out all of the good pieces / the unique ones. What did get handed down though was knowledge about toys, where to get them and what had  been available in the past. What toys as an adult have you bought a child because of the enjoyment that you had with it when you were little?

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Local Neighbourhood or close friends: 

What environmental features do those around you have that you might not have? Does a neighbour have the only swimming pool so that all of the kids congregate there? Does someones birthday mean that all the kids are sitting in your home watching the newly bought game that no one else’s parents have bought yet? Does your house have the trampoline? Whose house has an area where its safe to ride bikes around so that ends up being what you do most of the time? Or are you next to an oval / park whilst others are cooped up with no outside play area?

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Do you have a certain job / profession? What toys do you search out for so tan you can expose your kids to those types of toys because you know the value of them. Do you have Aunts and Uncles or Grandparents with specific types of jobs who know to look out for specific toys and to do the work to make sure there is depth and variety in what is on offer?

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Or are toys something that is a privelege to have? Where there isn’t much money to buy things? Or where there is money to buy things but the child isn’t interested in playing or interacting with any of them? What do you do then with all of the present buying and receiving experiences that become challenging?