What particular tools do you have in your home for art or craft? Do you let your kids use these?

Family can start and support an interest art by the pictures that hang on the wall and the particular focus on the types of materials that have been used to make them. Absence of other materials may make certain ones stand out.

Do you visit museums and art galleries? How frequently? Do you do this as a family within your local community or also when you travel? Do you collect art books or postcards or keepsakes from these visits so that at home your family can look at them? Collecting items from different industries within art can help promote greater understanding of the scope of how drawing can be used not only for leisure purposes but for future possible employment opportunities should that be an option.

Do you collect certain types of art work for your home? Do you know to get the large packet of pencils so that there are extra colours? Do you have blank paper for others to use within easy reach everyday or is it a special request?

Absence of drawing skills does not reflect a lack of interest. Opportunities to learn to draw are integrated into everyday life at school for most grade levels. Anger at a lack of accuracy is something that needs to be supported to understand how skills develop. Being able to work together as a team on a drawing with a parent / carer can help. Keeping copies of drawings can help show progress later on.