Alternative Supports

Trampoline Activities – Examples:

Bounce Singapore Trampoline Park – Youtube

How trampoline jumping helped one boy with a disability – Youtube

2016 Trampoline League Disability Trampolining – Youtube

18 9 08 Bounce Singapore Trampoline Park – Youtube.  (price per session – SG$17-26 for first hour, SG$12-21 for second hour)

? Is the issue the quantity of kids, the structure of how so many kids work / play together/ the time of day that unfortunately you happen to turn up when there are so many kids yet at other times its quieter, is it the staff training for how to organise the kids to take turns and use the space differently? Look at the cost difference compared to a therapy session. Should a therapist be running the program. Designing the program. Supervising the staff. Designing the environment. etc etc. Hello Bounce Singapore.


Heavy Work – Obstacle Courses (community based) examples:

Ninja Warrior Like Adventure course X-Park – YouTube

Bounce Singapore X Park – Youtube

? Are these regulatory activities to cope with other issues where you can push or extend yourself in a way that you are not able to in normal learning environments? Or is this a distinct separate physical need?