I don’t want to learn – you do it for me

Why don’t I want to learn? Why don’t you want to do the work? Is it too challenging? Don’t you like these types of things? Then why are you ‘needing’ to learn to do this in the first place? Did someone ask you to do it who has a relationship with you e.g. teacher which requires you to follow their instructions? Or do you have control over your environment and you can make choices to learn lots of different things if you wanted to?

Taking turns or requiring that others do the work first so that you can learn how to do it can be really helpful for some individuals, but not for others? Why? What is it about their learning ‘style’? Its not a style. It is a ‘gap’ in their knowledge of how to do something. Thats why they need to work with or have someone else do it for them. Families and school support individuals to learn and then the skills need to be generalised out into the real world, or really the world that doesn’t provide you with support and requires you to work ‘some’ things out yourself, otherwise the other person would still be doing all the work with just you watching.