Imitating versus copying versus personal identity

How many different way are there to do something?

We have set ways of doing certain things that are required because of the environment e.g. driving on a road versus pavement and we have set ways of doing things because historically they’ve been taught to us in this way e.g. how to tie your shoelaces might be passed on as the exact strategy taught by your parent versus the way another parent might do it.

How do I take care of my personal health? 

Are there not answers to this. Are the always the same for everyone?

Some are:

Brush your teeth



Get sleep


What aren’t the ones that are the same:

What does your family eat for dinner?

Where do you buy your clothes from?

What do you give your kids for birthday presents?


Why do I want to know how you do it? 

Is there a ‘correct’ answer to this? In some cases absolutely yes.

What are the healthiest meals to eat – does that information come from a medical doctor, a dietician, a chef, a green grocer, a television journalist, a writer of cookbooks? Who provides the correct answer?

Where is the best place to go for holiday – does that information come from the internet, from TV adverts, from newspaper or magazine adverts, from friends advice, from a travel agent, from TV programs about travel, from guide books (used to), from our own past experience, from what or where your parents have done or places they’ve been before? Who provides the correct answer when you need to take care of yourself and go on a holiday? Is that holiday for you or for your entire family? Who makes the final decision?

What is the best strategy for managing challenging behaviour? How do you answer that question? Did your medical doctor (GP) or specialist doctor suggest different professions for you to go see? Did they suggest specific places or just provide general information? Why did they give you specific versus general information? Was there something specific in their advice that was specific to your child’s/ families needs? Do you know specifically what it was?

do you know how to link information from specialists in the different areas of the things that you need to take care of in life with your own knowledge? Do you know how to analyse the details and be able to communicate back and forth with them, with them all? Do you know how to measure your progress against their recommendations? Does that work for you? What happens when it doesn’t work for you? Do you go back to them? Do you seek others of their kind? Or do you decide to try a different source?

How much do you have to protect yourself from those who provide you with information? How much do you need to protect yourself from those who

What is personal management of your own personal health? Versus information that you share with others versus what is professional information that is your active role as part of your job / domain and practice.