Managing recurrent illnesses

What are the core symptoms of the illness? How intense are they being experienced? What are the atypical symptoms of an illness and how are they being experienced potentially on a day by day basis? are these being communicated or given they are not talked about are they assumed to be separate and not part of the illness and relate to something else e.g. just tired today versus a symptom of cardiac issues.

What symptoms can be managed by the adjustment of routines versus what are those that might appear to be hidden to some but are highly visible to others? These routines may keep you going but be so dissimilar to others general routines that they stand out as unique yet without them you would struggle to get through the day or through the week or something else would start to break down in areas where it would really impact for you.

Where there are multiple diagnoses it is important to look at areas of overlap of symptoms and how this has an impact in everyday life.