Vision & Movement in general

Discrepancies – I can do this on this activity, but not on this one, but yes on this other one

I can with this one pay attention to each of these 26 letters plus the numbers from 0-9.

I can do these easily! I am incredibly methodical and like doing things with certain types of structure. I use this structure to follow a list when I am out with my entire family and it helps me stay for longer. I rely on the list.

I can imitate when you show me multiple times:


I can then work my way up to imitating more complex details but with less repetition in how many times I practice it before you give me the marker:


I can even link my visual puzzle analysis skill details with my ability to form certain shapes / letters and I can do these:


All of these were done one after the other. Everything that you can see above on this page was done in one sitting, the therapist was recording and needed to get up to check the camera that’s why the chair is empty sometimes in these screenshots from the video that was taken of the entire session. These were taken for educational purposes and were not part of the students normal therapy sessions..

I really like Peppa Pig. Sorry for the breech of copyright with the image but the ability to allow this child to be able to show that he could draw something properly and recognise the written instructions was too big a thing to obey.. Thank you for the historical permission..

Yep. I can keep going. Colouring worksheets with a list to follow.



At school. The student was repeatedly asked to learn to write their name.. That was it.. Not allowed to move on til that was done.. The student can read.. This is a University program for special education students put into school programming..Multiple occasions from different sources with viewing of the students therapy session in the therapists office to learn what the student could do.. Yet

Some closeup photographs from the video:


The therapist demonstration of the movement with the student reading and being required to visually monitor the therapists hand movement (spotlighting techniques from RDI):


The students turn – First time ever doing this:


The entire sequence of steps minus other things that have been excluded from the video were needed to get to this point. But this was ONE SITTING.. Sequenced all together..

How angry do you think that the parents are?